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To be or not to be...that is the question
So this is the first real entry to this journal, maybe someone will read it :)

There is this question in my mind after todays episode. Sam kills Alastair. And I thought if you die you are going to Heaven or Hell according to the Christian mythology, am I right? But first Alastair thinks Sam is sent him back to Hell but Sam says he is going to kill him.

What means that? I mean what is Alastair now? Did he stop to exist? Is his soul (or what ever his being is) vanished? How does it works with the Christian mythology? Dean was dead and in hell and he came back. And when he dies again he will visit heaven or hell but his soul will be intact. But if you are a demon or a angel you will be vanishing?

I hope someone understands my strange mind and English ;)


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